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Level Descriptions:

Dancers are assessed for their appropriate level by a combination of age and skill set. If you are unsure where your dancer fits, it may be necessary to try different levels to find the best fit for your dancer.

Pre-Level: Ages 3-4, Beginner
Level 1: Ages 5-6, Beginner
Level 2: Ages 7-9, Beginner
Level 3: Ages 9-11, Intermediate
Level 4: Ages 11-14, Intermediate/Advanced

Level 5: Ages 14+, Advanced

TEA: Technicians, Entertainers and Artists Program (Includes 2 additional community performances, and additional requirements for attendance and dress code.)


Class Rates: 

Core Classes:
30 Minute Classes: $35/month
45 Minute Classes: $45/month
1 Hour Classes: $55/month

Conditioning Classes: 

Dance Pass:
$150/month-includes all classes for the level of your dance plus conditioning classes.
NEW THIS YEAR: Acro classes are NOT included in dance pass, or Shine pass. 

Dance Pass for Shine: $160/month
Troop: $20/month if not in Shine, no additional cost for Shine dancers

Solos & Private Lessons:
$47/month/bi-weekly (30 min), $95/month/weekly (30 min), $75/hr/special choreography or prep classes


Duets: $32/month/bi-weekly (30 min), $65/month/weekly

By signing up for a class you are obligated for a minimum of 2 months commitment. Payment for the first two months of lessons is due upon enrollment, some exclusions apply. Payments are due at the first of each month, on the 10th a $10 late fee is added. An additional $10 late fee will be added every 10 days after that.

Each core class will prepare for the end of the year recital. Each core class will have one costume, ranging from $55-$65 each. Some classes may have the option to use past costumes. All payments for costumes are due December 1 to ensure delivery for recital. A 10% late fee will be applied to any costume payments not paid by January 1st.  An additional 10% will be added to this for every 10 consecutive days that your payment is not made. Withdrawal from the program is not means for a refund on costumes that have been ordered. Once your costume is ordered, you are obligated to pay for it and any late fees you incur. 

Competition: Rates are $160/month regardless of team. This does NOT include solos, duets, or trios. A 10% studio fee will be added to all competition registration invoices. (Example: If your dancer is in 4 routines @ $60/routine, plus a solo @$100, your dancer would have a $30 studio fee applied. )




Membership Fees: $10/new student

Recital Fees:
$20/family, due with April tuition. Includes video footage of the event. Does not include tickets. 

NOTE: Recital fees & ticket sales pay for facility rentals, supplies, technicians, staff, and custodians. 



You may pay either monthly, or in lump sum. Please request specified billing preference upon enrollment. Kanvas accepts online credit/debit card payments, cash, and check. We do not accept bank drafts. All invoices will be sent to the primary email address listed for your account. If you are not receiving emails, please check your spam folder and add Kanvas to your contact list. Cash/Check payments should not be given to the classroom instructor. 


Please mail paper payments to the following mailing address:

Kanvas Dance Company

102 West Main Street
Council Grove, KS 66846

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